Aussie Property Investment in 2022


What’s in store for Aussie property investment in 2022? Last year proved to be a record-breaking year for the real estate industry. Australia’s property market prices rose at the fastest year-on-year rate in history.

Are you ready for this? The price of Aussie houses rose 21.9% in 2021, which is the fastest annual increase on record. 

In 2021, the housing market reached its peak surpassing $9.25 trillion. According to researchers, the property market was steadily growing despite lockdowns and the lack of international buyers. These record-breaking property values are the result of skyrocketing house prices and the government-supported construction boom.

What’s in Store for 2022?

With record-breaking numbers in real estate in 2021, the question on everyone’s mind is—what will property investment look like in 2022?

The market will begin to slow down. At the end of 2021, the demand for new housing made it a seller’s market. Properties were sold almost immediately after listing. 

It is currently predicted that the market will begin to decrease around late Summer or early Autumn. This does not indicate that it will be difficult to sell properties; simply that the turnaround time from listed to SOLD will become a little less of a frenzy. 

aussie property investment in 2022

Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market? 

Without question, 2021 proved to be a seller’s market. It’s evident in the record-breaking prices for real estate. Ultra-low home loan rates, rebounding economic conditions, returning expats, and improved household savings helped create a perfect storm for prices to rise and activity to increase.

In 2022, we will see the scales begin to balance. While sellers are attracted to the sky-rocketed value of their homes, the new legislation may put a damper on potential buyers being able to sign on the dotted line. 

For now, the market is tipping to the buyer’s favor, making 2022 a great time to shop properties. It will take some time for the property market to feel the full effects of the new policies regarding tighter lending and affordability constraints.

Are You Looking to Invest? 

Aussie property investment in 2022 shows signs of being another great year. If you are considering purchasing investment property, now is the time to buy. Why? Because loan interest rates are still low—less than 2%. When the interest rates begin to climb, it will cost you tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars more.  

buying a property

We Can Help

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