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The Complete Guide To Property Investing

From buying your first home to investing in real estate developments.

…the guide helped me to really understand the right way to invest in property and stopped me from making some costly mistakes.
James Redman

Property Investment
Made Easy

This book is designed to be your one-stop resource throughout your real estate investing journey. The chapters include:

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Property Investment Guide

This Comprehensive Guide Covers:

A step-by-step property investing guide, from beginner to advanced

Australia is one of the world’s best real estate investment destinations. And yet, of the country’s 2 million property investors, nearly 70% owns only a single investment property, 18.9% own two investment properties and only 0.5% have three investment properties. 

Whether you’re stuck in the “one property” threshold or simply want to learn about investing, this book has all you need to know about the process.

Learn how to buy your first home

Your investing journey begins with your first home. We’ve simplified the process of home buying, from planning and researching home loans to negotiating and settling. Our book offers no-frills strategies that will help you become an informed and confident homeowner.

Get started with investing

Putting your hard-earned money to work in real estate can be a tough and overwhelming experience. We’ve rounded up all you need to know to start building wealth and becoming a full-fledged property investor. 

Discover ways to expand your portfolio

We’re here to help you take that giant leap toward investing in multiple properties. This chapter will shed light on the challenges investors face when expanding their portfolio, how you can address them head-on and what strategies you can apply to ensure success.

Go big with property developments and joint ventures

Be closer to financial freedom for life by investing in property developments. We’ll teach you how to achieve developer financial status, plan your project and see it through completion in easy-to-follow steps. We’re also letting you in on our secret to join venture partnership success.