Property Investment for the Gold in 2032: What the Brisbane Olympics Mean for Property Investment


It’s OFFICIAL! Brisbane has won the bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympic and ParaOlympic games! 

Hosting the Summer Olympic games will have an incredible effect on the economy and property investment market for the next 11 years! 

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city, and this will be the third time that Australia has had the honor to host the Summer Olympic games. 


What does this mean for the economy and property market?

The Brisbane Olympics in 2032 will have major ramifications for south-east Queensland and is expected to turbo-charge the region’s economy and infrastructure roll-out over the next 11 years.

Not only will it drive property prices in Brisbane, which have traditionally lagged behind Sydney and Melbourne, but it’s also expected to help deliver a much-needed boost to road infrastructure and public transport, including a possible fast train linking the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast to Brisbane.

Economy and property market

Boosting property value

And let’s face it, better roads and increased ease to travel will also boost property value in and around Brisbane. 

Something to note, Brisbane will not be building all new sporting facilities throughout the next decade. In fact, the Brisbane government has decided to use about 85% of the facilities already established. 

Nevertheless,  Brisbane has announced that they are going to redevelop the iconic Gabba stadium in Brisbane and replace it with a $1 billion, 50,000-seat stadium for the 2032 Games.

There are potentially 26 sites across the south-east that will host the sporting events. The suburbs that are expected to boom will surround these venues.

With the olympic announcement, now is the time to buy property before prices inflate. Currently, below are the areas that are predicted to be the “hot spots” for property investment as the olympics approach:


  • Herston (Hockey)
  • Spring Hill (Swimming)
  • Chandler (Gymnastics)
  • Hamilton 
  • Larapinta (Canoeing)
  • Redlands (Canoeing)


Gold Coast:

  • Coomera (Volleyball)
  • Broadbeach (Weightlifting)


Sunshine Coast:

  • Alexandra Hedlands (Cycling)
  • Kawana (Soccer)
  • Twin Waters (Basketball)
Boosting property value

Earning Money Through Property Investment

Now is the time to look into investing in the above and surrounding areas—especially while loan interest rates are so low! The Australian housing market is thriving and will be even more so in Brisbane! There are numerous opportunities available for those looking to invest!  When you choose to invest in property, there are two different paths you can choose to obtain a good return on your investment. 
  • Earn income as a landlord by renting the place out
  • Wait for the property to increase in value, and sell it at a profit
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